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Please take the easy following steps to order your stuffs

1. Shop your desire products.

2. Inform  product code, quantity of your order together with color code (by texting or capturing screenshot of your cart) via LINE, FACEBOOK CHAT OR EMAIL. 

3. You can choose whether do you want to have us arranged your shipping (Case 1 to Case 4) or you’ll contact your own cargo (Case 5).

  • Case 1 : By Sea to Port.

  • Case 2 : By Sea to Door. (Be able to track through the way)

  • Case 3 : By Air to Airport

  • Case 4 : By Air to Door. (Be able to track through the way)

  • Case 5 : You’ll contact your own cargo in Thailand, inform us the name and the number of the cargo and we’ll deliver products to the cargo.


4. After receiving your order, we’ll issue an invoice to inform you the total price, shipping cost is different vary to the destination country.

5. You can choose which types of payment suits you.

  • Credit Card

  • Paypal

  • Transfer directly to our Bank Account

6. After the payment process has been done. Stay relax, waiting for your delivery. It takes 30-45 days by sea and around 3 days by air. 


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